The Following Guinea Pigs Have Found Their Forever Homes

On this page you can see some of our piggies who have found a home, we love to get updates so please don't hesitate to let us know what our piggies are up to in their new homes!


Captain & Sailor

Captain and Sailor (formerly Snufkin and Moomin) have settling in really quickly into their new home.

Here they are enjoying some floor time - you can see they have turned over their hidey to make themselves a boat!! They have clearly taken their new names to heart.


Boris & Bodie

Chubby boys Boris and Bodie have sadly been returned to rescue twice now through no fault of their own. We hope they have finally found their forever home where they will be loved and spoilt for the rest of their lives. 


Juniper & Anise

This adorable mother daughter pair have been adopted into a lovely home where they will be totally spoilt. They have settled in really quickly and are enjoying exploring their new home!


Sandy & Hercules

Sandy and Hercules were snapped up in record speed by one of our wonderful past adopters as they felt they could offer another pair a loving home. We are so happy to hear that they settled in really quickly and are already feeling like part of the family.


Alba & Nugget

We were worried that no one would want to adopt older ladies Alba and Nugget but they have found their forever home with the perfect animal loving family!



Flicker has settled in really well into his new home. He found the perfect match in Zazu and they get along like a house on fire! It's great for us to see a pair of piggies really flourish with some company.


Eclipse (Male)

Beautiful Eclipse found love with the funny girl Rosie. Rosie had proven difficult to bond so it was a relief to find that piggy she was looking for in Eclipse! We know he will be thoroughly spoilt in his new home.


Farley & Blackjack (Males)

Lucky Farley and his son is Blackjack (formerly Manny and Sid) have been adopted into a HUGE new C&C home! Their new family have told us 'They are settling in really well and have slotted straight into the feeding/cleaning routine that we already had for the rabbits - they certainly get very vocal when it's dinner time!' We'll miss their 'wheeks' at dinner time here but it's lovely to see them settled into such a great home.

Jasmine (Female)

Poor Jasmine had some rotten luck with bonding but finally found her happy ever after with the handsome Alfie (an ex Little Piggy!). Alfie has now recovered from his neuter and is loving having a lady around the house. While Alfie is a busy little piggy Jasmine loves to have cuddles which makes a nice change for her lovely adopter.



Taffy (formerly Fry) was really lucky to be adopted to live in one of our lovely foster homes. They sadly lost one of their own piggies and needed a new companion for Jimmi, another ex This Little Piggy. Taffy has really settled in and loves having a companion after sadly living alone for a little while.


Moonpie & Ziggy

Moonpie and Ziggy (formerly Mud and Pie) came from a terribly sad situation but have truly landed on their paws in their new home! These lovely youngsters have settled into family life, love a dash around in their large run and a cuddle with their humans!


Magic & Wizard

Magic and Wizard (formerly Biscuit and Squeaky) are enjoying their new home with access to some lovely fresh grass. Naughty Wizard likes to nibble his new family in case they have some extra treats for him!!


Mango & Star

Mango and Star have really landed on their paws with their new family. They are absolutely doted on and thoroughly spoilt! We look forward to further updates in the future on this adorable pair.


Monty & Max

Here are lucky Monty and Max who have plenty of space during floor time to exhibit their natural behaviours! They love spending time out of their cage.


Jackie & Bruce

Jackie and Bruce (formerly Bungle and George) are utterly adored by their new family and love spending time out exercising in their run.



Sweet little Jimmi is getting along with his new friend Meeka very well and has settled in beautifully, he is a real gorgeous piggy and an absolute snuggle bug!



Cheeky Elvis finally bonded with Tintin. It had taken a few tries with Elvis but it's important to persevere with piggies and it's always wonderful to find a difficult piggy that special friend! In this picture they are sharing a piece of cucumber which just shows how settled they have become together.



Lucky Kristoff was bonded with the lively and super cuddly Conor. He has settled really well into his new home and loves his new family and friend.


Jazz & Mildred

Jazz and Mildred (now Pippin and Trixie) went to lovely home who already a recently bereaved 7 year old female piggy. Although their older lady piggy isn't quite as energetic as these two youngsters she enjoys play dates where she can interact with some piggy companions without getting worn out! We're so happy to have found a happy solution for all three piggies and look forward to many more updates on them in the future.



Fuzz used to live with Spice but they didn't seem super content together. We wanted these two to be very happy and so chose to split them a find a partner they really liked. Lucky Fuzz was partnered with Galaxy, a piggy we rehomed in the past to a 5* home with his friend who sadly passed. Galaxy had proven difficult to bond but he took to Fuzz quickly, we are so glad they have both found a suitable companion!



Poor Spice didn't have the best start in life and was a little nervous of people. She wasn't that fond of her old cage mate, Fuzz, so we bonded her with a lonely neutered boar, Nacho, who was looking for love. It seems they have found it! We are so happy she finally has the loving home she deserves and is coming out of her shell.



Sweet Coco was neutered and bonded with the lovely Mangetout. Although Mangetout was a little confused at first at the addition of another piggy they are now a happily bonded pair and we couldn't be happier with the happy ending for Coco! They love to come out and play with their family on the sofa.



It is so great to hear from Ripple's family more than a year after being adopted. He is loving life with his two new girlfriends (after the sad loss of his original partner, Mr. Nibbs) who were adopted from the wonderful Sarah at Hazelcroft Resuce. Like many pigs he goes mad for a bit of parsley!


Little Flik is not so little anymore and has grown much larger than his older friend, Pepper! He is still gorgeous and loves to spend time outside in the sun.



Sweet little Tootsy is much loved in his new home. Unfortunately his original bond fell through but he adores his new girlfriend, Grace, and we are so happy he has a permanent home.



Bramble is loving his new home with Pip, his lovely wife piggy! It is great to hear he has given her lots more confidence now about coming out for cuddles as he was a very cuddly pig while with us at This Little Piggy. They both snuggle up to sleep together in the loft area of their C&C cage and love their fleece bedding! They make a lovey dovey pair and we couldn't be happier for Bramble.

Mowgli & Baloo

When Mowgli left us he was still such a little baby piggy with his big uncle Baloo to keep him safe. How much he has grown! We have been told how much they loved being moved onto fleece bedding and apparently didn't mind (too much!) being bathed in their new home. They are as cuddly as ever and will snuggle up together in a little hidey even now Mowgli has grown up. So lovely to see, especially after knowing their initial start in life wasn't the best.



Beautiful Lavender has found her husband pig in the lovely Stan, adopted from Animal Rescue and Care. She will never have babies again and will live the remainder of her life with a loving family. We couldn't be more pleased for her and were happy to hear that she is coming out of her shell!

She is getting more and more confident and enjoying all the benefits of her new home in the summer (left) and winter (right).


Beautiful Bluebell has quite a rough start in life and sadly lost her babies while she was with us at This Little Piggy. She now lives with a gorgeous, calm, neutered boy (Casper) and she has lots of space to run around! We know she will flourish now she has the proper care she needs and are happy to hear she is coming out of her shell and is a loving member of her new family.

Gurty & Grettle

Two of Buttercup's babies have been adopted as a pair. They are both rather cheeky and we wish them all the best in their new home - we know they will be much loved and they will have an infinitely better life than their guinea pig parents. Good luck girls!


Gizmo (right), Buttercup's only baby boy, has been bonded with the beautiful Bilbo (left). He will be missed here at This Little Piggy as he was such a character from day one but we know he is in the best of hands and much loved by both his human and guinea pig friends.