This Little Piggy

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Meet our lovely guinea pigs!

We often have more guinea pigs than are listed on our website. Please check out our facebook page (linked below) for more regular updates on the piggies we have available or contact us to find out who is currently available for adoption.

Pig (neutered boar) & Bolt (sow)

Pig (boar) aged 15 months and his little wife Bolt (?7 months) are looking for a loving home together. Pig is a settled and lovely boy who comes up for treats. Bolt is learning from him! Can you help teach her?

Junior & Tiny (boars)

This cheeky pair of little boys are Junior and Tiny. They are still a bit silly and benefit from lots of handling. They will need lots of space as they grow up. They will be really lovely once they learn to trust you.

Tigger (boar)

This handsome young boy is Tigger. He is six months old and looking for a friend and home. Do you have a boar looking for a friend? We offer bonding services at This Little Piggy and full rescue backup

Piglet (boar)

Six month old Piglet is super inquisitive and keen to interact with other piggies. He is not neutered and is looking for a friend and a home with another boar. Bonding will happen at This Little Piggy and full rescue backup is offered.


Ariel & Puck (sows)

Tiny baby sows Ariel and Puck are still too young for adoption but will be ready in 3-4 weeks (early June). They are sisters and get on well together. They will still need lots of space to be happy as they grow.

Minty & Pudding (sows)

Minty and Pudding are 18 months and 2 year old sows. They are slightly camera shy! Looking for a forever home together. They will need patience as they are not used to being handled.


Barney & Mercutio (boars)

Uncle Barney (just over a year) is paired with Baby Mercutio - together they make a really cute pair, looking for their forever home.

Our Sanctuary Piggies

Some piggies stay with us indefinitely due to a number of reasons. If you are interested in sponsoring or fostering them please do get in touch and we can discuss the details.

Follow us on facebook to see update photos of our sanctuary animals!

Dizzy & Lizzy (sows)

Dizzy and Lizzy came in as an emergency and are a pair of sweet sows.

Unfortunately Dizzy has multiple tumours which cannot be treated. She is currently pain free, eats well and enjoys her garden time. She will stay with us with her companion for as long as she has left and we hope to keep her happy for as long as we can.