Guinea Pig Rescue and Boarding in Richmond, London

This Little Piggy is a small family run guinea pig rescue based in Richmond, London. We also offer boarding for guinea pigs who will receive our dedicated care while you are away on holiday.

We have a non-destruct policy and all our guinea pigs receive any necessary veterinary care while they are with us, we only put an animal to sleep if they have a poor quality of life. Our guinea pigs have rescue back up for life with us, which means that if you adopt a guinea pig from us and your situation changes or the guinea pig isn't right for you we will always take them back into This Little Piggy.

If you are looking to adopt a guinea pig please click on 'These Little Piggies' to see who is currently available, if you already have a lonely guinea pig we are happy to undertake the bonding for you to ensure your guinea pig will be happy with his/her new partner. It is important to monitor newly introduced guinea pigs because, although they are social animals, they do not always like every piggy they meet (much like us!)

If you see a guinea pig you like, let us know by phone or email and we can arrange for you to come and meet them. If you are still happy and want to go ahead with the adoption we will arrange an informal home visit, this is just to check that you have the correct equipment and knowledge to look after the guinea pigs. We also ask for a small donation once you have adopted the guinea pig which helps to cover the guinea pigs feed/hay/any vet care while they were here with us. All guinea pigs undergo a thorough vet check before they are available for adoption to ensure they are healthy. Any donation given goes straight back into the rescue to help more guinea pigs.


Not sure you can commit to adopting a guinea pig but want to get involved and/or find out more? We always appreciate help with cuddling guinea pigs and/or cleaning cages, please contact us to find out more about volunteering. Donations of hay, good quality guinea pig nuggets, newspaper and cardboard tubes are also always gratefully received!

We are currently looking for foster homes for our guinea pigs. If you think you have space for an extra pair (or more!) of guinea pigs for any length of time please get in touch. We cover any vet care and can provide bedding, dried feed, cage, accessories etc. on request. All we ask from our foster homes is to provide fresh veggies and plenty of love!

Boarding Options

We are happy to look after your guinea pigs while you are on holiday or otherwise temporarily too busy to give them the love and attention they need. We feed all the guinea pigs in our care dry food (nuggets) and a small amount of vegetables daily. Hay and fresh water are always available to the guinea pigs. Any guinea pig would receive the vet care necessary whilst they were under our care. Please get in contact to discuss details and prices.

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Please consider clicking below to donate to our rescue. The money will help us continue to offer a safe haven to guinea pigs. No donation is too small.

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