Meet our lovely guinea pigs!

If any of the guinea pigs below catch your eye please read our FAQ and then get in contact with us so we can arrange for you to come around to meet them in person. If you are looking for a specific age/breed/sex/temperament we may have more guinea pigs than the ones listed so please email or ring us and we will get back to you as soon as we can. We do keep informal waiting lists for rehoming so don't hesitate to get in touch.

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Princess (Female)

Princess is a young single female - around 1 year old. She is a little shy and we would love for her to find a confident piggy friend to show her the ropes.

Please get in touch if you have either a female piggy or neutered male looking for a friend and we can discuss our bonding procedure!


Thomasina (Female) - RESERVED

Thomasina was born here in rescue and was adopted to keep a friend company in 2014 - sadly her friend has passed and her family's circumstances has changed so to allow her to have piggy companionship she has come back to us. She is 3 and a half and very pretty!

We are looking for a single female or neutered male to introduce to Thomasina, please get in touch if you think she might fit in with you.


Fudge (Male) - RESERVED

Fudge is a very friendly 2 year old male. He loves a cuddle and will wheek for food if he sees you!

He was very well cared for in his old home and was surrendered to us to enable him to have a cage mate as his owners circumstances had changed, we are looking for another single boar to introduce him to.


Parsley (Male)

Parsley is a lively tri-coloured young piggy who loves a good dash about (when he thinks you're not looking!) He is less than a year old and sadly came from a neglectful background. He is doing well considering but needs an understanding home who will work at his pace to build his confidence. Having a confident friend will go a long way to convincing him humans are nice!

Parsley is neutered! If you have a single female looking for company please get in touch and we can discuss our bonding process.


Mint (Male)

Mint is a single male looking for a companion. We believe he is 10 - 12 months old. He is a really cuddly piggy and loves attention. He is feeling a bit lonely so we would like to find him a friend as soon as possible.

Mint is currently unwell and not available for adoption. Once he is feeling better we will be looking to find him either a male or female companion as he is neutered, please don't hesitate to get in touch in the meantime!


Sadie (Female) - RESERVED

Sweet Sadie is young, probably around 6 months old. She has extremely soft long hair which needs regular maintenance - this is really easy to do and we are happy to show anyone how to manage her hair. Unfortunately her growth was stunted as she became pregnant at a very young age, so she will always be a little smaller than your average guinea pig. We don't feel this will have lasting impacts for her health.

Sadie has weaned her two little babies and is now ready to start her new life with either a castrated male or female piggy.


Turbo (Male) - RESERVED

Turbo is such a handsome piggy and doesn't he know it! He loves to show off to his ladies who live next door (Sadie, Juniper and Holly). He is quite tame and enjoys the odd cuddle, but as quite a young piggy he is more interested in having an explore than sitting still for a cuddle.

Turbo is booked in to be neutered and will then be on the lookout for a wife! He will be ready for bonding in October '17 - although please feel free to get in touch earlier if you're interested!

Our Sanctuary Piggies

Some piggies stay with us indefinitely due to a number of reasons. If you are interested in sponsoring their care please do get in touch and we can discuss the details. They would always appreciate some extra love and cuddles so if you would like to drop by and visit them do let us know!

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Hazelnut & Chocolate (Females)

Poor Chocolate has a type of cancer and as such will remain with us until we feel her quality of life is suffering. At the moment these girls are lovely and lively with no indication that anything is wrong!


Fumba & Dasher (Males)

Fumba and Dasher are the current 'old chaps' we have at This Little Piggy. Fumba likes to be in charge and is the long haired piggy, he has some benign growths and is being carefully monitored as he ages. Dasher was rescued from Gumtree as an older single piggy, he came to us in quite a state with incredibly overgrown nails, teeth, impaction, mites and very skinny. Luckily we were able to correct many of his problems quite quickly but he is missing a bottom tooth and needs occasional dental treatment. As such he has joined the old crew and enjoys pottering around with Fumba.


Stevie & Harry (Males)

Stevie and Harry are both lovely friendly piggies and are always 'popcorning' around their cage. Unfortunately Stevie has a head tilt caused by a recurring ear infection which our vet helps us monitor. Stevie is a happy piggy and has a great quality of life but we, of course, keep a close eye on his progress.


Buzz & Woody (Males)

Buzz and Woody were brought to us by a concerned member of the public who spotted them being sold by a pet store. Buzz is what is called a 'lethal' piggy which means he was poorly bred, we think he is both blind and deaf and he has a poor immune system. Woody has severe cataracts which means he has very limited vision. These two are best to live with us as sanctuary piggies as it is likely they will need medical attention throughout their lives. They are very sweet boys and we are very happy to welcome them to the family!


Florence (Female)

This is little Florence. She is a sweet, young abysinnian piggies who has a severe head tilt. Our vet thinks she may have a congenital problem, she is likely blind but definitely has severely impaired vision. She can find her way about fine after a short period of adjustment in a new space.

Due to her complex medical issues we have asked for the wonderful 'The Excellent Adventure Sanctuary' to take her on as they have lots of experience with special needs piggies. While we would absolutely love to keep Florence here and offer a sanctuary place at This Little Piggy our vet is simply not specialised enough should her condition deteriorate. If you would like to follow her, do 'like' The Excellent Adventure Sanctuary (TEAS) facebook page below!