Meet our lovely guinea pigs!

If any of the guinea pigs below catch your eye please read our FAQ and then get in contact with us so we can arrange for you to come around to meet them in person. If you are looking for a specific age/breed/sex/temperament we may have more guinea pigs than the ones listed so please email or ring us and we will get back to you as soon as we can. We do keep informal waiting lists for rehoming so don't hesitate to get in touch.

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Boris & Bodie (Males)

Boris and Bodie are a funny pair of boys who have sadly been returned to us through no fault of their own. Boris is definitely in charge of this pair but Bodie doesn't mind and they get along very well. They love a cuddle and will chat to you while you stroke them, although Boris doesn't like his funky hairdo messed up! They are a little chubby and would benefit from a home where their new family can be strict with their diet!

Boris is currently on antibiotics but we hope that this pair will be happy and healthy and available for adoption soon.


Bucky & Steve (Males)

Bucky and Steve are two adult boys who have come to us from a neglectful background. They are very unsure about being handled and we are not sure how much exposure they had to fresh veggies prior to coming into rescue. We are working on their confidence and introducing them to new foods but we are hoping to find them a home who are confident in handling timid piggies and introducing them to the good things in life!


Chip & Oregano (Males)

Chip is the older piggy (around a year) and Oregano is the younger piggy (2 months old). They make a fun pair of piggies who are doing well building up their confidence. They are very curious of the world around them and just need a little extra TLC to settle into a new place.


Dale (Male)

Dale is a young single male, we think about 6 - 12 months old. He is very skittish and isn't keen on being handled yet but he had a difficult start in life and so needs some extra time to build his confidence.

Dale is going to be neutered so will be on the lookout for a female companion in October. Please get in touch if you are interested in bonding.


Mint (Male)

Mint is a single male looking for a companion. We believe he is 10 - 12 months old. He had a tough start in life and so needs some understanding in helping him build his confidence, having a friend will go a long way into helping him trust.

Please let us know if you have a single boar looking for a companion.


Pumpkin (Female)

Pumpkin is a really lovely older female piggy at around 5 years old. She is in really great health but is feeling a little lonely living by herself. We are really keen to introduce her to a friend as soon as possible, if you are interested and have a single piggy looking for a companion please get in touch.


Corky & Captain (Males)

Corky and Captain are two really wonderful boys. Captain has the longer hair which does need regular maintenance - we are happy to show you how to manage his wonderful 'do if you are interested in adoption. These piggies are easy going and easy to handle, if you're interested let us know as we think they'll be snapped up super fast.


Sadie (Female)

Sweet Sadie is young, probably around 6 months old. She has extremely soft long hair which needs regular maintenance - this is really easy to do and we are happy to show anyone how to manage her hair.

Unfortunately Sadie was surrendered with an intact male and so is on pregnancy watch. We believe she may be pregnant, she could stay in rescue for some time while we wean her pups. If you are interested in Sadie please follow us on Facebook for updates.


Juniper & Holly (Females)

Juniper and Holly are a mother/daughter pair. They currently live with Sadie but would prefer a home as a pair. They make a lovely pair and are quite tame and easy to handle, little Juniper is still a youngster though and is more interested in exploring than having a cuddle!

Mummy pig was unfortunately surrendered to rescue with an intact male and so is on pregnancy watch.


Turbo (Male)

Turbo is such a handsome piggy and doesn't he know it! He loves to show off to his ladies who live next door (Sadie, Juniper and Holly). He is quite tame and enjoys the odd cuddle, but as quite a young piggy he is more interested in having an explore than sitting still for a cuddle.

if you have a single boar looking for company please let us know and we can discuss bonding with Turbo.

Our Sanctuary Piggies

Some piggies stay with us indefinitely due to a number of reasons. If you are interested in sponsoring their care please do get in touch and we can discuss the details. They would always appreciate some extra love and cuddles so if you would like to drop by and visit them do let us know!

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Hazelnut & Chocolate (Females)

Poor Chocolate has a type of cancer and as such will remain with us until we feel her quality of life is suffering. At the moment these girls are lovely and lively with no indication that anything is wrong!


Fumba & Dasher (Males)

Fumba and Dasher are the current 'old chaps' we have at This Little Piggy. Fumba likes to be in charge and is the long haired piggy, he has some benign growths and is being carefully monitored as he ages. Dasher was rescued from Gumtree as an older single piggy, he came to us in quite a state with incredibly overgrown nails, teeth, impaction, mites and very skinny. Luckily we were able to correct many of his problems quite quickly but he is missing a bottom tooth and needs occasional dental treatment. As such he has joined the old crew and enjoys pottering around with Fumba.


Stevie & Harry (Males)

Stevie and Harry are both lovely friendly piggies and are always 'popcorning' around their cage. Unfortunately Stevie has a head tilt caused by a recurring ear infection which our vet helps us monitor. Stevie is a happy piggy and has a great quality of life but we, of course, keep a close eye on his progress.


Buzz & Woody (Males)

Buzz and Woody were brought to us by a concerned member of the public who spotted them being sold by a pet store. Buzz is what is called a 'lethal' piggy which means he was poorly bred, we think he is both blind and deaf and he has a poor immune system. Woody has severe cataracts which means he has very limited vision. These two are best to live with us as sanctuary piggies as it is likely they will need medical attention throughout their lives. They are very sweet boys and we are very happy to welcome them to the family!


Florence (Female)

This is little Florence. She is a sweet, young abysinnian piggies who has a severe head tilt. Our vet thinks she may have a congenital problem, she is likely blind but definitely has severely impaired vision. She can find her way about fine after a short period of adjustment in a new space.

Due to her complex medical issues we have asked for the wonderful 'The Excellent Adventure Sanctuary' to take her on as they have lots of experience with special needs piggies. While we would absolutely love to keep Florence here and offer a sanctuary place at This Little Piggy our vet is simply not specialised enough should her condition deteriorate. If you would like to follow her, do 'like' The Excellent Adventure Sanctuary (TEAS) facebook page below!